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About us


Summertime 2009 Tommy asked Jonas if he wanted to get together and jam. Tommy had played in several bands in his early days. Mostly Death Metal. He also joined a band with a guy later to be known as IHSAHN from EMPEROR and later started a band with MORTIIS. Now Tommy and Jonas started up to play some hard rock. To get the whole picture Jon Anders joinded on guitar and Morten on bass. Jonas knew of a singer he met in his military duty. That was Maurice. He also played in the band BREED at the time but was happy to join us for some jamming and he has stuck around ever since. BREED has opened for KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and done other cool stuff.

Tommy writes most of the music. He had his youth in the Grunge era and the music naturally lays latent when he comes up with the riffs. The whole band then does the arrangements. Maurice writes the lyrics. The sound is based on years of listening to bands such as TOOL, SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, to name a few...

We started up with the band name DOWN ON DUST but after our first gig a guy came over and said he was going home and listen to BAD MOTORFINGER with SOUNDGARDEN since he got in that mood listening to us. MOTORFINGER was then born.

MOTORFINGER has played several live shows. Everything from tiny spots to huge open air stage to a boat cruise at the open sea. They have been invited by MARSHALL APMS to come and play at MARSHALL THEATRE in England. They have been played on national radio in several countries. Been used in a TV series on Discovery Channel. They are the winners of Hard Rock Cafe's live band contest 2015. They have music in Norwegian mobile giant NetCom TV ads for the new MARSHALL LONDON PHONE.

Full speed ahead!

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